Financial difficulty

Individuals and small businesses can ask their financial services provider for assistance where, for a short period of time, they are unable to meet their repayments under a credit facility (such as a credit card, personal loan, home loan or business facility). This might include a request to change the repayments under the credit contract for a period of time.

If a financial services provider will not agree to a reasonable request for assistance then the Ombudsman has power to review that decision. In some cases we can require a financial services provider to change the terms of a credit contract.

The FOS Approach to financial difficulty

Information for consumers in financial difficulty

Information for consumer representatives and financial services providers about resolving financial difficulty disputes


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Small business
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The Financial Ombudsman Service offers telephone conciliation conferences to help resolve disputes. Guide to conciliation conferences

Statement of income and liabilities to support a dispute lodged with us by a consumer in financial difficulty: Statement of financial position