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  • Brochures

    Brochures for consumers and consumer advocates, including 'How to resolve a dispute', 'A guide to conciliation conferences' and more.
  • Financial difficulty

    Information for consumers and consumer representatives.
  • Frequently asked questions

    Frequently asked questions about interest rates, loans, financial difficulty, insurance and other topics.
  • About authorised agents or representatives

    Information relating to authorised agents or representatives
  • Community

    Learn more about our community engagement efforts, which aim to ensure a strong two-way flow of ideas, education and training to the sector to improve outcomes for consumers.
  • Fact sheets

    Fact sheets on a range of topics including dispute resolution, natural disasters, privacy, insurance, and more.
  • When FSPs must stop enforcement action

    This letter is for the use of consumers who have lodged a dispute with FOS when legal proceedings relating to the dispute have also been issued in a court.
  • Help us to help you

    An overview of standards we expect our staff to meet and how to work with us to resolve your dispute efficiently.
  • Helpful links

    A list of organisations in Australia which provide information and assistance to consumers.
  • Translations

    Translated content about the Financial Ombudsman Service in Arabic, English, Farsi, Greek, Korean, Italian, Simplified Chinese, Spanish, Tradtional Chinese, Turkish, Vietnamese.