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We offer a range of publications. All our publications are available to view here on our website, and you can convert them to PDF documents if you need to print them. You can order brochures and our dispute form online. If the publication you require is not listed, please call 1800 367 287 or email us at [email protected]. You can also join the email list for our online publication The FOS Circular and our Annual Review.

  • Annual Review

    Our 2016-17 Annual Review is now available.
  • Brochures

    Brochures for individuals and consumer advocates, including 'How to resolve a dispute', 'A guide to conciliation conferences', and more.
  • Fact sheets

    Fact sheets on a range of topics including dispute resolution, natural disasters, privacy, insurance and more.
  • Our approach

    This series of documents explains how we reach decisions about key issues. Read about some common issues and dispute types that we see at FOS.
  • The FOS Circular

    The FOS Circular is our online magazine. Published every three months, it is designed to facilitate dispute resolution by providing practical information and explaining our approach on substantive issues. It also keeps you up-to-date with FOS news and initiatives.
  • Code Compliance publications

    Annual compliance reviews, inquiry reports and guidance notes offer in-depth analysis of code compliance within the Australian financial services industry.
  • Comparative Tables

    View the 2016-17 Comparative Tables
  • Submissions

    We make written submissions to consultations, reviews and inquiries that relate to financial services policy and regulation. Through our submissions we aim to reduce future disputes and strengthen the arrangements for dispute resolution.
  • Bulletins

    The final Banking & Finance Quarterly Bulletin was published in March 2009. Our publication The Circular has replaced the Bulletin, but you can still read old editions of the Bulletin.
  • Practice Notes

    Practice Notes outline how we approach certain types of disputes. The FOS Approach is our new way of presenting this information, so please also visit to see our most recent documents.
  • Publication order form

    Use this page to order FOS publications online. If a publication you require is not listed, or you live outside of Australia, please email your request to [email protected] or call us on 1800 367 287.
  • Archive

    An archive of annual reviews, enews and submissions.