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30 November 2016
FOS welcomes the release of the Financial Counselling Australia (FCA) report: External Dispute Resolution: Results of a Survey of Financial Counsellors. Read more
08 May 2015
FOS is pleased to announce the appointment of Dr June Smith as Lead Ombudsman (Investments and Advice) from 1 July 2015. Read more
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14 March 2013
The Financial Ombudsman Service (FOS) Board is pleased to announce the appointment of Evelyn Halls, Nicole McCutcheon, Justi Tonti-Filipinni and Michael Pearce SC as FOS Ombudsmen. Read more
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01 August 2011
The Chair of the Board of the Financial Ombudsman Service ("FOS"), Professor the Hon Michael Lavarch, today announced the appointment of Shane Tregillis as Chief Ombudsman of FOS. Read more
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